The two drivers, together with the program mentor and the designer of the bulgarian car, Rosen Daskalov, made a one-day test for pilot evaluation with the SIN R1 GT4 on a classical race track.
Together with the Serres Premium Rally, the team of Ruse Car Motorsport, the mechanics of Rosen Daskalov and the managers of the Vlachkov and Marshavelov technical teams – Ivelin Terziev-Ficho and Dimitar Akabaliev, were part of a long training day.
The aim of the team was to assess the level of adaptation of the second pilot – Konstantin Marshavelov. The team did not aim for speed and good time but rather used the rally as a possibility to compare the two pilots. ” The skills that Konstantin showed were really impressive! ” says Rosen Daskalov.
Daskalov is positive that after making two rounds to show the specific things of driving the Sin R1 GT4 to Marshavelov he is impressed by the ease he adapts to the car.
“After only two laps he showed very quick and good adaptation,” Daskalov commented. “That’s also logical, because he is one of the best track pilots for me.”
Konstantin Marshavelov, however, remains very impressed with the Bulgarian car. The pilot failed to make a very long series, as there was a huge influx of people who wanted to ride on the Race Taxi, but his impressions of the car’s performance were very good even when there were two people in the car. “I am fascinated by this car, Rosen and SIN have surpassed all my expectations! As for Ivan Vlachkov – one thing I can say: he has fully merged with this car. ”
Ivan Vlachkov: “The most important thing today was to compare Konstantin’s achievements, not to compete for good time. He is very quickly, given that it was his first experience with the SIN R1 GT4. His times are coming closer to mine. ”

So far, Ivan Vlachkov competed in the AM class of the European GT4 Series with the team of Sofia Car Motsport. The team has plans for Ivan to go into the Pro Am class, which means that we will need a second pilot. “Then Marshavelov will be our second pilot and he will have the status of amateur (AM). These are our plans so far.” says Ivan’s father – Stamen Vlachkov.