Unbelievable performance of “Sofia Car Motorsport” with Ivan Vlachkov behind the wheel of Sin R1 GT4 in the first round for the 2018 season of the European GT4 series that took place in Most, Czech Republic!
After participating in the National Karting Series, using karting as a training ground, Ivan showed great progress over last year and showed great adaptation to the route he had not driven at the moment. The track in Most is very difficult, as there are many unevennesses and a specific adjustments are required. The team, along with Ivan, managed to make very precise adjustments to make the car competing with the other big names in the championship. Achieving the first place in the second general practice and the second overall ranking, Ivan won for the second time the award of Certina, the sponsor of the GT4 series, namely the unique watch he gave to the chief mechanic!
The first race went really tense, literally mouthing before the finish of the first class crash, allowing Ivan to climb to the top. Before the second start, he managed to keep the first position in the class until the end of the race, despite the disputed car fight number 77 (Maserati) and literally a few seconds split them into the final. The management of the GT4 series and the SRO believe that Ivan is a very fast-paced pilot and deserves to go into the top class as a proven pilot. The challenges there will be very large and it will certainly be much harder, but that is the natural path of development and we will fight again for victory!
Ivan Vlachkov is a Bulgarian car and karting pilot, whose racing career starts at 8 years old. In 2016 he debuted in the car and in the same season he won the Touring Championship title. Currently, Ivan competes in the National Championship on the Closed Route and in the European GT4 series.
His debut in the European GT4 series Ivan made in the fourth round of the championship held in Slovakia last year, where he masterfully fought and was ranked first. By the end of the season, Ivan managed to win seven podiums and at the end of the season, the team ranked third in the team standings.
The car with which Sofia Car MOTORSPORT competes, namely the Sin R1 GT4 is the work of the supercar manufacturer, Sin Cars. It is one of the few cars homologated specifically for the European GT4 series.