In the two free practice at Red Bull Ring, Austria, Ivan Vlachkov with SIN R1 GT4 ranked tenth in the overall ranking and sixth in his class in the first practice and fifth in the second one. Ivan also retains his positions in qualifying sessions, ranking 10th in the overall ranking and fifth in the AM class.
Starting at ninth position, Ivan managed to get to third place in the overall 10 minutes before the end of the race, but was hampered by car number 88, Danner Laber from the Team GT team with the McLaren 570s, he was struck and thrown out of track by car 43 , Kasperlik Svers from Allied Racing with Porsche Cayman. The car that cut into the Sin R1 GT4 caused damage that couldn’t be repaired for Race 2 which led to its retirement.
Definitely the feeling is not pleasant, but there are many unpredictable moments in the motorsport, and every professional knows this.
Our spirit is not shattered, we start preparing for Nurburgring even more motivated!
Thanks to all who support us!