The fourth round of the European GT4 Series brought third and fifth position to Sofia Car Motorsport with the Bulgarian tandem Ivan Vlachkov and Konstantin Marshavelov!
Ivan Vlachkov achieved a great pole position in the second qualification, being the fastest not only in his class but also by all 12 pilots. With an achievement of 2:12:797min. Vulchkov preceded all.

In this round Ivan’s partner was Konstantin Marshavelov, who is a Bulgarian champion in class Maxi. For Marshalov, this is the first participation in a competition at such a high level.
Konstantin managed to win sixth place in his class and twelfth in the overall ranking in the first qualifying. This is a great performance and is quite commensurate with that of Ivan’s in the previous year on this track when he first entered the GT4 world.
Marshavelov took part in the first half of the race, starting sixth in the class and advancing one position before going through the box at the end of the fourteenth lap for the mandatory stop and retreating the car to Vlachkov.
Ivan did great, quickly overtaking two of his rivals and coming out in 3rd. By the end, the Bulgarian pilot was much faster than the second Freddy Fast with the Mercedes AMG, but there were not enough laps to overtake him. Vlachkov finished 8th in the overall with the PRO’s.

Coming up next is the last round of the GT4 series, which will be held in Zandvoort, the Netherlands on 5-7 October 2018.

We would like to express our gratitude to Konstantin Marshavelov, who was our second pilot at SlovakiaRing!
Although Konstantin was unprepared as the test before the race was canceled off the track, he quickly regained the pace with the other gentleman pilots in the championship. Konstantin proved to be a top class fighter and is therefore the winner of all the titles he holds.
He also showed that the level of Bulgarian motorsport and the pilots in it are not to be underestimated at all. We welcome more and more pilots to take part in international championships like this!