Ivan Vlachkov took first position in AM class and fifth in general ranking at Nuerburgring circuit (Germany) and third position in the first race on Saturday.
„Sofia Car Motorsport” team and Ivan Vlachkov behind the wheel of SIN R1 GT4 made us proud again in the weekend on his birthday.
Ivan Vlachkov made a statement for success on the free practice sessions first. And qualifying sessions just put a stamp on this – Ivan has come to win on the so called “Green hell”. In the first qualifying session he managed to take seventh place in general ranking and first in AM class. The second qualification was even more successful – second in the general ranking and pole position in AM class.
In the first race Ivan Vlachkov was third in the class and had his deserved position on the podium.
The second day was even more successful for the pilot and the team and he finished 5th in the general ranking and 1st in his class. With perfect discipline and coordination, without taking useless risks Vlachkov got to the top of the podium with the manager of the team Rosen Daskalov. The Bulgarian anthem was once again heard and respected by all attendees and participants.
One more competition is over and one more step towards the top is made. There are more challenges in front of us and the next one is at Slovakia ring on 18-20th of August.